Audit and Assurance

As leaders and decision makers you are required to manage and steer your business, whatever the size, effectively based on reliable information.  Your procedures for business risks assessment, review of all underlying systems and controls, and adherence to key legal requirements, provide the level of reliance that you place on the accuracy and relevance of information reported in financial statements.

Audit and assurance services instill confidence in shareholders, investors, the South African Revenue Services and other third parties on financial statements and information reported.  Our clients include Schools, Non-profit organizations, Clubs, Attorneys, Estate agents, Small owner-managed businesses, and Medium sized enterprises from all industries of business. We have extensive expertise ranging over 50 years of experience between the partners of the firm.

We can provide these services to you, and need not be limited to statutory requirements. Services can include the following:

  • Compulsory audit request of financial statements and to be issued reports
  • Consultation with clients regarding their understanding of IFRS for SME’s
  • Special investigations or agreed upon factual finding engagements
  • Assisting management design, improve systems and internal controls
  • Services to assist your staff to prepare accounting records for external audit by another firm 


To us as partners, we are proud to be associated with our clients.  Your strategy for business success is our priority throughout our engagements to ensure we are actually contributing to your business and are not just an annual expense line on the income statement.